Friday, May 30, 2008

Seesmic: Video Community

Just caught wind of a new business called Seesmic who have a user-generated video community platform that's intriguing. And they have the best product overview I've seen in a while—well, the funniest and most bizarre, but it got me talking about it.

Capitalizing on the unforseen phenomenon of the video comment, a happy side-effect of youtube activity where you have the community responding to a video with a video of their own. Who would'a thunk it? I have a feeling the powers behind the pre-Google youtube only imagined users commenting on videos with text comments—at least at first. But they learned quickly from their users behavior, and maximized it. But back to Seesmic. They claim to have built a platform that is conducive to video conversations. See for yourself...

They've also got a fascinating way of running their business. It's all voted on by their userbase. From new hires to deciding which features to add to the product. Seems to be working just fine.

What it means for us? Hmmm... well, we can keep an eye on them and see how it takes off. If it turns out that folks out there happen to love having video conversations, then we might want to figure out how we can get us some a 'dat!
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