Tuesday, May 20, 2008

House Party Event Widget

Here's a sample of what our House Party event widgets can be. Gydget, a company that creates and deploys widgets for bands has a ton of great examples.

The main takeaway is that we can develop an event widget that can live on our partner's well trodden websites, and the widget can pull in data (photos, videos, blogs etc.) from their House Party Event. Better yet, the widget will direct traffic back to the event site, thus increasing the visibility of the event.

Don't worry, not a stupid question! Because our partners most often have a ton of foot traffic which equals lots of eyeballs. Any increase in "surface area" will significantly increase the spread of our events. Why keep everything within the walls of Houseparty.com when we can broadcast it using already existing channels? Answer: there's no good reason not to.

Here's a screenshot of a widget that has a basic structure we can imagine containing stuff from a House Party Event.

See lots more examples of widgets at Gydget.com

Have questions about widgets and why they're important for any web based business?

For the tech-speak hungry (brave):

The Easy to Swallow Explanation:
House Party Event WidgetSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

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