Friday, May 30, 2008

Friendfeed: making the social web more social

Friendfeed is a great example of the current move toward data portability, and a truly social web. They allow a user to tap into most of the web applications out there a person might already be a member of—see the list on their FAQ page —and creates a new stream of updates about what your friends and family are doing (of course, it only publishes the stuff you have permission to see, which means, only content from those people that are your Friends in each of the sites.) So it's not going to let you know that Grandma Rose just went to the supermarket with a jarful of pennies to buy her prune juice.

A real world example would be something similar to the Mini-feed in FAcebook (or Linked In, and now myspace has caught on) which publishes a constant feed of what your Facebook friends have been doing since you last logged in.

What it means for House Party? Well, we have to accept the fact that our party people probably spend most of their web life on sites other than ours. Yes, they spend a concentrated period of time during the build up to the event they belong to, but the webs a big wild place, and recent polls and research has shown that most folks are pruning their profiles on myspace, facebook, youtube, etc.. So, what it means for us is a huge potential to give our party people a chance to bring some of their luggage with them to their House Party experience. And, conversely, take some of the new stuff they pick up during their House Party experience with them as they go their merry way into the greater web.

Something worth mulling over.
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