Monday, June 2, 2008

Web Karma

There's relatively new Twitter-esque—microblogging/web/instant message—called Plurk. Similar to Twitter, users can publish their whereabouts and activities, but in a visual timeline form. Very cool. Additionally, users accrue "karma" based on their activity, which unlocks certain features in a video game-like way. Folks who use Reddit, the user moderated/managed news aggregation service (you've seen the little icons everywhere next to the bookmark links), will be quite familiar with it, as they use the Karma system as well. In both cases, the more you use the service, the more karma (points) you get.

As we're working out our own version of user points, it's worthwhile to check in on these two sites to see how it works. Set up a free account on both to try them out.
Web KarmaSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

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